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More than the truth

© 2013
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey
Jahr:  2013
The doubt and fear descends on me
Like a wake of vultures on their prey
The pain you sear with your piety
It's a dangerous game that you play
Don't kid yourself they belong to you
It's just the need that makes you stray
Oh well I'm cursed with a thin upper lip
There's nothing stiff about it
And you're well versed in the wielding of the whip
I turn my back and you knout it
'An eye for an eye like the good book decrees'
Take strength from Vashti and you flout it
Maybe there is a God above
But all I've really learnt from love
Is that it's only the ones we trust
That have the power to betray us
And you must see that without me
Just how forsaken you would be
We've never kept each other in the dark
When we take our pleasures elsewhere
I can accept how you must feel a spark
When they step into your lair
But no holds barred just tell me how it is
It makes me hard when you share
I don't know why my mind is all a swirl
Doubt not the verity and sooth
There isn't a lie in the whole damn world
I'd rather hear more than the truth
More than the truth
477 Original   04:40
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