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© 2001
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey, C. Adams, S. Garrett, M. Thwaite
Jahr:  2001
I kneel before you
Raise you to my lips
Feel for the pulse of you with my fingertips
Bury myself deep inside between your silken thighs
Taste your sweetness on my tongue
Bask in the warmth of you sighs

Succumb to my touch
For you I'm hard again
Let me take your breath away
Let me savour your grace again
I worship and revere you
You're hallowed and divine
I'll be forever yours
If just tonight you'll be mine

'Cause this is the most beautiful I've ever felt
I touch myself and I melt
'Cause this is the most radiant you've ever been
I close my eyes and I dream
146 Original   04:20
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