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More then this

© 1996
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey, R. Carter, A. Cousin, M. Brown, M. Thwaite
Jahr:  1996
Don't care none temptation,
It's like the good lord Jesus said
Lock horns with the devil himself and
You'll end up in this bed
And where there are never no shadows
No demons can ever exist
Would you throw this all away
For the sake of a wanton kiss?

There must be more than this
There must be more than this

I know you think you walk on water,
But have you ever really walked on air?
Cast no aspersion, this ain't no desertion,
This is just calling it fair
And when temptation takes a hold of you,
How can you ever resist?
Would you throw this all away for the flick
Of a perfumed wrist?

Judge not lest ye be judged, let
He who has no sin throw the first stone
Shower me with flowers, place them on my grave
Give me the grace for the sins I atone
I don't know the difference 'tween right and wrong, I
Don't understand the sense of regret and virtue
I want you to know I never meant to cause you harm
I'm sorry but I never meant to hurt you
76 Original   04:39
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