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Born under a good sign

© 2013
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey
Jahr:  2013
I've got pornography and a mirror covered in dust
I've found religion and a habit I can trust
You take me to the place where angels fear to tread
I feel the blood rushing to my head
There's no one else that knows me the way you do
There's no one else that can take the place of you

So when I'm feeling lonely I always turn to you
You're always there for me no matter what I do
And no one ever knows the pleasure that we share
When loneliness is just too much to bear
And when no one has called when I've waited by the phone
I take my comfort here in you and I alone

And when there is no other to hold me like you do
I just surrender and give myself to you
Born under a good sign, baby, but you're bad
Been 'round the world, baby, and you're the best I've had
Born under a good sign, baby, and when the stars align
You always take me, baby, o'er the finish line
453 Original   04:14
467 Demo   04:48
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